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The Sertoma Club of Venice was chartered in 1976 as part of Sertoma International, a leading nonprofit civic service organization for more than eight decades. Since 1912, professionals have banded together to provide help for their communities, to foster friendships, and to learn more about the needs of mankind. 


Sertoma exists for the high and noble purpose of Service to Mankind. Over the years, Sertomans have sponsored thousands of Speech and Hearing clinics for children throughout the world. 


The Sertoma Club of Venice, largest Sertoma club in the United States, is made up of professional men and women who are dedicated to serving each other, the community and those who need Sertoma's help. 


As our main philanthropy, the Sertoma Speech Clinic of Venice is operated solely on the fundraising efforts of our members and the generosity of those who support the cause of children's speech therapy.

2020 BOARD


President: Kelly Olliver 

President-Elect: Dane DeSantis 

Past President: Courtney Green 

Secretary: Seth von Marschall 

VP Speech Clinic: Bill Rhodes 

VP Sponsorship: Pete Walker 

VP Membership: Don Policastro 

Treasurer: Sandi Raasch & Laura Benson 

Attendance: Ernie Skinner 

Sgt-at-Arms: Beau Walker 

Sgt-at-Arms Co-Chair: Jake Tate 

Directors at Large: Andrea Arnold, Terry Redman, Sherry Welch 


Membership Co-Chair: Jan Lugar 

Programs: Bob Vedder 

Social: Jody Callan 

Social Co-Chair: Kim Phillips, Alexis Carlson 

Speech Clinic Co-Chair: Courtney Green 

Manpower: Greg Reiter 

Manpower: Dave Lucas 

Health & Cheer: Sherry Welch 

Publicity & Website: Erin Lilly 

Publicity Co-Chair: Tara Gess 

Students of the Month: Missy Montgomery 

Santa's Breakfast: Dave Lucas 

Wine Feast: Sandi Raasch 

Wine Feast Co-Chair: Jake Tate 

Cheeseburgers: Beau Walker 

Cheeseburgers Co-Chair: Atticus Frank 

Awards: Kit McKeon 

Giving Challenge: Terry Redman 


Our Clubs also sponsor projects that promote freedom and democracy, youth causes and any other local community needs identified by Clubs. Sertomans hold fundraisers to support these service programs. Each year, Sertoma Clubs raise and return more than $20 million for community projects. Founded as the "Stand Together Club" in 1912 in Kansas City, Mo., Sertoma is the third oldest service organization. Our name was changed to "Cooperative" Clubs, and finally to "Sertoma" in 1950. Our motto is "Make Life Worthwhile." 


The first non-U.S. Sertoma Club was chartered in Windsor, Ontario, in 1946. The first Mexico Club was chartered in Mexico City in 1956. The Sertoma Foundation was founded in 1960 to raise money for Sertoma's charitable programs. The Foundation's Endowment has more than $10 million today. Women, who were welcomed as members of Sertoma in 1985, comprise about one-third of our current membership. 


The highest honor Sertoma bestows on a non-member is the Service to Mankind Award recognizing outstanding volunteer community service. Each Club selects a winner, who competes with other Clubs' winners at the District, Regional and International levels. The top winner is announced at the International Convention.